Thursday, November 21, 2019

Reading response Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words - 1

Reading response - Assignment Example The use of such a latin terms exists within the institutionalized culture of law. The use of Latin terms shows that the field has a formal attitude as it conducts its businesses. According to the Cornell University Law School (2014), de novo means ‘from the new’. A court may hear a case in de novo following an appeal on an arbitration decision. The Latin meaning of the word helps to explain its purpose. The term shows that the legal profession has a rigid structure. This is because it needs to have a standard way of doing things. It does affect the lives of people in a fundamental way. In addition, it betrays the seriousness with which legal professionals conduct themselves. In addition, it helps the lawyers to maintain some distance from their clients. Some people may regard the use of Latin words in legal circles as snobbery. However, that is a rather simplistic deduction. This is because the use of those words is due to the tradition of law. According to Mattila (2013), Latin used to be a lingua Franca and its demise did not change how it is used in a field which is obsessed with keeping traditions. Furthermore, the use of technical terms is important in the judiciary where there must be a vocabulary to refer to the myriad situations that may arise in daily activities. Furthermore, Latin is a dead language. This is particularly important in a field where past cases have to be referenced. This is because a dead language is not being developed. As a result, there is no change in words. In addition, the use of the term helps to make it universal. It ensures that lawyers and other legal professionals can understand the term used everywhere. The legal industry is global in nature since judges have to refer to rulings made in other countries. Furthermore, the Latin words have come to attain a special meaning. The use of English words may cause confusion due to

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