Friday, February 7, 2020

Argument synthesis Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words - 1

Argument synthesis - Essay Example However, no matter the age of the child, the ultimate goal that the parents have established in the minds of these young girls is either the tiara or ribbon or trophy along with the prize money. To my consideration, I strongly consider that these children beauty pageants should be either outlawed or they must be regularized by government administration. There are numerous things that can be considered regarding these beauty pageants, such as parenthood, ethics, mental health, competition, development or interpersonal associations. A toddler has no knowledge of what the world is all about but their innocence is being cashed by their parents for the sake of acquiring money in future. As the mothers consider these competitions will provide a future to their child and let them earn various scholarships. These mothers forget about the mental well being of their child while offering their child to such competition where they are needed to pose not their real personality but instead one that is in the minds of those judging the competition. The children are being forced to these competitions by their parents and in this way they are instructing them that the only way to earn money is through manipulating their bodies. These competitions can impact negatively on the way children presume themselves. Being the focus of these competitions, the participating kids are taught that their looks, is the most vital thing in this world that is to be considered. And this particular beauty consciousness may cause lower levels of self-esteem in the children who are not able to meet the standards defined in the competition. This may in turn cause various problems like eating disorders amongst children who consider a perfect body to be their ultimate goal. In addition, it is particularly hard for children to consider they are beautiful, when they are insisted by parents to put on heavy make ups, flippers, fake eyelashes and spray tans at these pageants. Issues also arise on the way

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